Responsive Images

Nicht perfekt, aber eine interessante Lösung für responsive images von Nicolas Gallagher:

<img src="image.jpg" data-src-600px="image-600px.jpg" data-src-800px="image-800px.jpg" alt="">
@media (min-device-width:600px) {
    img[data-src-600px] {
        content: attr(data-src-600px, url);

@media (min-device-width:800px) {
    img[data-src-800px] {
        content: attr(data-src-800px, url);

It doesn’t prevent multiple assets being downloaded at larger screen widths because network activity kicks in before CSS is applied. That means, for example, that desktop environments would make 2 HTTP requests for an image and have to load more assets than if they had been served only the larger image in the source.