3d Transforms

David DeSandro erklärt recht ausführlich CSS3 3d Transforms.

The CSS 3D transforms module has been out in the wild for several year now. While only Apple-produced browsers like Safari and Mobile Safari originally supported it, support has been added by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. View the chart on caniuse.com/#feat=transforms3d to check the latest support environment across the browser landscape.

This all adds up to a bit of a challenge for those of us excited for 3D transforms. I’ll give it to you straight: missing that dimension of depth can make degradation a bit ungraceful. Unless the transform is relatively simple and holds up in non-3D-supporting browsers, you’ll most likely have to design another solution. But what’s another hurdle in a steeplechase? We web folk have had our mettle tested for years. We’re galvanized for devising multiple solutions.