daily links

  • Arctext.js – Curving Text with CSS3 and jQuery | Codrops
    While CSS3 allows us to rotate letters, it is quite complicated to arrange each letter along a curved path. Arctext.js is a jQuery plugin that let’s you do exactly that. Based on Lettering.js, it calculates the right rotation of each letter and distributes the letters equally across the imaginary arc of the given radius.
  • Work with SEO in Excel – The ultimate Excel plugin | Niels Bosma
    SeoTools is an Excel add-in that adds a bunch of useful functions for working with SEO and other web metrics directly in Excel.
  • Curtain.js
    This plugin allows you to create a web page with multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect. Exactly like a curtain rises.
  • blur.js
    blur.js is a jQuery plugin that produces psuedo-transparent
    blurred elements over other elements.
  • freqdec/slabText
    slabText – a jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & responsive headlines