daily links

  • External Links Extra | drupal.org
    This module adds some extra functionality to the External Links module.
  • External Links | drupal.org
    External Links is a small module used to differentiate between internal and external links. Using jQuery, it will find all external links on a page and add an external icon indicating it will take you offsite or a mail icon for mailto: links.
  • Linkit | drupal.org
    Linkit provides an easy interface for internal and external linking. Linkit links to nodes, users, managed files, terms and have basic support for all entities by default, using an autocomplete field. Linkit has three major advantages over traditional linking
  • HTML5 snippet : Perspective Shadow using CSS
    Imitating perspective with shadow and pseudo-elements.
  • px_phpids – typo3.org
    Currently the PHPIDS detects all sorts of XSS, SQL Injection, header injection, directory traversal, RFE/LFI, DoS and LDAP attacks. Through special conversion algorithms the PHPIDS is even able to detect heavily obfuscated attacks.