daily links

  • ChiperSoft/Kalendae
    Kalendae is an attempt to do something that nobody has yet been able to do: make a date picker that doesn’t suck. Kalendae provides the following features:
    _Fully portable, no dependencies. No jQuery, no Prototype, no MooTools; just add the script and the stylesheet and you’re good to go.
    _Fully and easily skinable. The default theme uses only one image file (a mask for the previous and next buttons), everything else is styled using CSS.
    _Supports all modern browsers and IE8.
    _Support single day, multiple day, or day range selection.
    _Configurable number of months to be displayed at once.
    _Can be displayed on the page as an inline widget, or attached to one or more input fields as a popup control.
    _Can be attached to any page element, not just named elements.
    _Configurable blackouts, defined either as an array of dates or via a callback function
    _Output selected dates in a variety of formats
  • noty – A jQuery Notification Plugin
    noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert, success, error and confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. Each notification is added to a queue.