daily links

  • Minimum Paragraph Widths in Fluid Layouts
    If a user views your site on a smaller device, the horizontal space left for the text may only fit a word or two per line. Such a narrow column of text doesn’t just look ugly; it is also brittle. A sentence containing a long word will split when the long word moves down below the floating image, leaving behind it dead empty space mid-sentence.
  • Speedy | drupal.org
    The Speedy module is designed to help speed up front end performance in a site. In this first release of the Speedy module it provides minified versions of core JavaScript files that are not already minified. For example, a minified version of drupal.js is provided while jquery.js (already minified) is not.
  • Imgly | drupal.org
    Imgly is a module for sharing images Upload images Generates shortlink automatically (or specify your own) Copy url to clipboard functionality Displays images in a custom template Optionally tracks download/view statistics for images (using AJAX) Optional statistics reports
  • t3n typo3 absichern
    Wer eine Internetseite betreibt, sollte deshalb grundsätzlich damit rechnen, Angriffsversuchen ausgesetzt zu sein. Dabei ist es egal, ob für die Website WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3 oder einfache HTML-Seiten im Einsatz sind. Im Folgenden wird generell auf die Problematik eingegangen, wobei TYPO3 an einigen Stellen als Beispiel dient.