daily links

  • HTML5 Element Printing in Internet Explorer
    Modernizr’s "print-shiv" extra! This shim wraps your HTML5 elements with printer-friendly elements during the onbeforeprint event, then cleans up after itself when the onafterprint event is fired. There are no special configurations to set, simply include the JavaScript file within the page.
  • CSS3 Tricks: Jumping Featured Boxes | PremiumCoding
    In today’s tutorial we will create a set of featured boxes that will create a nice text flying effect when you move your mouse over them. We will take advantage of the CSS3 custom animations and create a set of our own animations. I recommend that you download the source files first and check the live demo. Simply move your mose over the featured boxes to see the effect.
  • heise online – uxebu konvertiert Flash nach HTML5
    Das Unternehmen bietet Entwicklern einen Migrationspfad an, um Flash-Inhalte in die HTML5-Welt zu retten. Auch will uxebu es erleichtern, HTML5-Inhalten mit ausgereiften Flash-Tools zu erstellen. Dabei ist die Kombination konvertierter Flash-Inhalte und neuer, speziell für die Bikeshed-Plattform entwickelter Inhalte möglich.