daily links

  • dirkweber/csswarp.js – GitHub
    csswarp.js is a small (<8kb minified unzipped) javascript library for warping any HTML text around an arbitrary path. Text will look as if it were created with Illustrator’s attach-to-path tool. Anyway it is pure HTML text that can be styled with CSS, copied and crawled. csswarp works standalone and does not rely on jQuery or another library (a jQuery plugin is in the works though). csswarp.js offers an extensive number of settings to adjust text warping. Right now it will work in every modern browser that supports css3 transforms. Support for IE versions <9 is planned for a future release.
  • How to Convert Files by Email
    Zamzar, a popular tool for converting files online, has added a new option that lets you convert files by email itself. You can forward your email attachments directly to Zamzar, without downloading them to the desktop, and they’ll be converted in no time.
  • SIMtrace – OsmocomBB
    Osmocom SIMtrace is a software and hardware system for passively tracing SIM-ME communication between the SIM card and the mobile phone.