Responsive Design am Beispiel Boston Globe

Tito Bottitta beschreibt den Prozess wie das Responsive Design des Boston Globe entstanden ist.

Interessant fand ich die Wahl von InDesign als Programm zur Gestaltung.

Hands down, the answer was InDesign. At its core, is a publication website, and InDesign is the best tool for laying out publications and content. Yes, there are huge differences between designing print publications and designing for the web, but consider this: Most web pages are simply a combination of photos and text. And where Photoshop excels at manipulating images (but sucks at type) and Illustrator is exceptional at typography (but sucks with images), InDesign is built for both.

Even better, InDesign’s internal logic parallels that of web design and development. Every new document begins with a grid. It uses type and object stylesheets that should be familiar to anyone who has used CSS, allowing you to change the characteristics of every headline (or object) from one master style.