daily links

  • Premium content | drupal.org
    Restricts access to premium content by role and provides a general API for other modules to help decide if a user has access to premium content.

    This is useful on a news or membership site where teasers are available to the general public but the full body is only available to privileged users. Premium nodes appear in listings with full title and teaser available to anyone. If a user does not have adequate privileges, the default behavior is to show a simple message, but you can use Panels or theme overrides to do more custom things.

  • Stage File Proxy | drupal.org
    When developing Drupal sites locally, you often face a choice between broken images and taking the time to copy a snapshot of the remote files directory, which might be several gigabytes large, depending on the site. Stage File Proxy lets you update the database of your local development instance without having to update your files directory. Stage File Proxy transfers each requested file just in time when it is requested. This is especially useful for large sites with huge numbers of files. Stage File Proxy has an additional mode in which it can serve a 301 redirect to files on the server, so it’s possible to see all your images without having a local files directory at all.

    Stage File Proxy integrates with imagecache to transfer the original image from the origin and then resize it locally.