Handydaten sind begehrt

Trevor Eckhart hat sich CarrierIQ angesehen, eine Firma eine API und Services für Mobilfunkanbieter und Smartfon-Hersteller anbietet um Benutzerdaten vom Handy zu sammeln und in einem Portal aufzubereiten.

Data is sent, stored, and used by these companies at every level of your user experience. The carriers, manufacturers, ad companies, law enforcement, all have access to this information. You do not have the ability to turn it off, and once they have the information they store it for as long as they determine it is relevant, which is likely forever.

As two of the largest producers of Android devices, the notion that HTC and Samsung (along with whoever else uses the service), takes information off of these devices without the user being aware and with no clear way to opt-out, then sends that information away for the carriers to use is troubling. One of the carriers has already admitted to selling the information they collect, and it’s not unlikely that the other carriers are doing the same. The information is not private in any way — associations with your hardware ID, subscriber ID, pages that clearly show phone numbers demonstrates that the people with access to this information know who the user is.