daily links

  • Use CSS transitions to link Media Queries and JavaScript – Paul Hayes
    A com­mon prob­lem in respon­sive design is the link­ing of CSS3’s media queries and JavaScript. For instance on a larger screen we can restyle, but it might be use­ful to use JavaScript and pull in dif­fer­ent con­tent at the same time, e.g. higher qual­ity images. With CSS tran­si­tions, specif­i­cally their tran­si­tio­nEnd events, we can marry up our media queries and JavaScript per­fectly, with­out resort­ing to win­dow resize events.
  • Amazium – The responsive web framework..!
    So what is Amazium I hear you ask, well you may have been hearing the term "Responsive Web Design" being thrown around the past few months, which simple means a website that can adjust to your screen size without having to make a separate website!
    This came about from the simple fact that a lot of people have been making demos of this responsive web design but none seem to be using 960 grid system with 12 columns, and because of this I was forced to make my own..!