FBI’s new Next Generation Identification (NGI) system

Laut einem Bericht auf networkworld plant das FBI ein neues Überwachungssystem:

The FBI intends to go nationwide with a facial recognition service; testing will begin in Michigan, Washington, Florida and North Carolina by the middle of January 2012. By 2014, this new face search tool will be available to criminal justice professionals nationwide.

The FBI reported that NGI capabilities include:

  • Quality Check Automation with “faster response times and more consistent processing decisions” in regard to fingerprint processing.
  • Interstate Photo System Enhancements with facial recognition capabilities and “the ability to accept and search for photographs of scars, marks, and tattoos.”
  • Disposition Reporting Improvements with more options aimed at increasing electronic submissions of “disposition data.”
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification Technology
  • Enhanced IAFIS Repository involving an “Iris Repository: This repository will provide the submission of Iris data, provide retrieval capability, provide Iris search capability, and provide Iris maintenance capability.”

FBI National Palm Print System