daily links

  • Circle Navigation Effect with CSS3 | Codrops
    Today we want to show you how to create a beautiful hover effect for an image navigation using CSS3. The idea is to expand a circular navigation with an arrow and make a bubble with a thumbnail appear. In our example we will be showing the thumbnail of the next and previous slider image on hovering the arrows. The effect is done with CSS3 transitions.
  • Raven for Mac – About
    We created Raven with the belief that if a browser provided a more helping hand that web apps would not have to work as hard to mimic their desktop counterparts. Browsers could provide more ways for developers to leverage their functionality and do so safely. Innovation isn’t limited to merely what the view port renders or what extensions can provide. We dream of new ways in which developers could tailor the functionality of the browser to provide a better, easier and unified experience. The only barrier between the web app and the device you are using is the browser. It needs to be more than just a browser, it needs to be partner in providing a platform for software development. The exact same the way an operating system does. Like the phone, the browser can become smarter.