Optimising an Image-based Website

Matt Cutts gibt Tips wie man sehr bildlastige Webseiten für Google optimiert.

So the key to getting your image-based site noticed by the search engines is to optimise the text around your images.

This includes image captions, page titles, ‘alt’ properties, and paragraph text around the image. Although the image should be the focus of the page, and a lot of artists like a clean, minimal look on their sites, so that the image can really dominate, you still need to include some text on the page.

Consider writing about the origins of the image, or where the idea came from. At the very least give the image a name and a short description. And as Matt says, allow visitors to comment on your images, to increase the amount of content on the page, and try to get some of your target keywords in there. You can always moderate the comments to keep things how you want them.