Aus der Serie: Wir basteln uns einen Terroristen

Anhand einer geleakten Wikileaks-Depesche zeigt sich mal wieder wie man sich einen Terroristen bastelt und das als “Tipp eines ausländischen Geheimdienstes” ausgibt.

Es geht dabei um den vermeintlich geplanten Anschlag 2006 am Frankfurter Flughafen bei dem am Enden alle “Verdächtigen” freigelassen wurden.

[…] Volker Zintel (PROTECT), a board member and the senior security official at Frankfurt Airport, told us that the individual suspected of involvement is an airport employee working in the baggage area of the airport. According to Zintel, the employee had been suspected of involvement in small-scale drug trafficking (fewer than ten grams of marijuana) and therefore German authorities were monitoring his phones. This monitoring lead to authorities uncovering his conversations with the suspected terrorists regarding the plot to place a bomb on an aircraft, prompting the searches and questioning. Zintel commented that the monitored conversations reveal a naive discussion rather than a sophisticated terror plot by Islamic radicals. According to Zintel, none of the suspects have links to known Muslim groups, and the evidence indicates that nothing came of the plot. […]