daily links

  • HTML5 Game Dev: HTML5 Game Development Tutorial
    If you want to make a HTML5 game and just want a nice reference page you can go back to, or if you are a complete beginner and need to learn as much as possible step-by-step, then you’re at the right place.
  • Views Menu Support | drupal.org
    This project contains two modules: Views Menu Support and Menu Item Reference Widget. Briefly, this is what they do:<br />
    Menu Item Reference Widget allows populating integer fields with menu item IDs, picked from select lists. Views Menu Support provides a filter handler and a default argument plugin to Views, allowing for filtering on currently active menu item(s). This can be filtered on only the active item, the whole menu trail, or the menu trail excluding the currently active item.
  • DrupalCamp Stockholm Spring 2011 on Vimeo
    Videos vom DrupalCamp Stockholm Spring 2011
  • Relation | drupal.org
    The intent of this module is to provide an API that describes the relations between entities. For example:<br />
    comments <–> nodesusers <–> imagesRelations can relate more than two entities, eg:<br />
    areSiblings -> (john, jen, jack, jess)And for 2-ary relations, relations can be directional, ie:bruno -> isChildOf -> boglarka
  • jQuery doTimeout: Like setTimeout, but better
    jQuery doTimeout takes the work out of delayed code execution, including interval and timeout management, polling loops and debouncing. In addition, it’s fully jQuery chainable!