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  • Mobile Websites mit jQuery Mobile und TYPO3
    Während zunehmend mehr mobile Endgeräte auf den Markt drängen, fragen sich die Seitenbetreiber zu Recht, ob sie nun für all diese Plattformen eigene Websites entwickeln müssen. Für einige der Plattformen gibt es bereits UI-Frameworks – aber erst jQuery Mobile[1] schickt sich an, alle relevanten Plattformen auf einmal bedienen zu können. Der Artikel zeigt, wie dies genau im Zusammenspiel mit TYPO3 funktioniert.
  • Module Monday: Workbench Suite | Lullabot
    Workbench is actually a suite of four related modules: together, they provide a useful set of standardized editing and management behaviors for Drupal content. The core module, Workbench, gives every content creator a standard content overview page, where they can view all nodes they have permission to edit, as well as nodes they’ve yet to publish
  • 10 Excellent Tools for Responsive Web Design
    3. imgSizer.js Before heading straight to the code of imgSizer.js, make sure to read through Ethan Marcotte’s breakdown of what role this script plays in your responsive web designs. Essentially, this script was designed to make sure your images render cleanly in Microsoft Windows. Marcotte’s script does a pretty nice job of cleaning up images that have been sized down automatically by the browser.
  • Bubble Slideshow Effect with jQuery | Tutorialzine
    Today we will be building a jQuery-powered bubble animation effect. It will be a great way to present a set of images on your website as a interesting slideshow. And as the code will be completely modular, you will be able to easily use it and modify it.
  • heise online – Deep Packet Inspection als Anti-Zensur-Maßnahme
    US-Forscher um den Informatiker Alex Halderman haben nun ein neues Anti-Zensur-System namens "Telex" entwickelt, das sich durch solche Maßnahmen nicht aushebeln lässt, berichtet Technology Review in seiner Online-Ausgabe.
  • The future of CSS layouts | Feature | .net magazine
    In this article I’m going to take a look at the various layout methods that are at different stages of development, from the well-implemented to the purely theoretical. Perhaps not all of these will make it to the stage where we’re able to use them (or, at least, not in their current form), but it’s worth taking a look to see where the future lies. If you want more detail about some of the methods in this article, as well as much more of what CSS3 offers, I humbly recommend my book, The Book of CSS3.
  • WordPress › WordPress Backup to Dropbox « WordPress Plugins
    A plugin for WordPress that automatically uploads your blogs files and a SQL dump of its database to Dropbox. Giving you piece of mind that your entir