Surveillance and Security

Ich lese gerade Surveillance and Security: Technological Politics and Power in Everyday Life und finde die Prämisse des Buchs sehr spannend, und richtig:

The question is usually along the lines of “Do they work?” – meaning, are surveillance systems efficacious at preventing crime or terrorism? Although important, this type of question is really an extension of the logic of trade-offs proffered in the opening quotes, because the implication is that if systems are not sufficiently effective, then they are not worth the sacrifice or investment.
This book argues that these are the wrong questions because they obscure the real changes underway and issus at play with incorporation of surveillance technologies into public life.


Surveillance technologies clearly alter social behaviour and are intended to do so, usually as planned deterrents to deviant behaviour but not always with the outcomes intended. They act as forms of social engineering that legislate norms for acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and actions, and they accomplish this task by individualizing people.